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Friday, April 26 • 10:00am - 12:15pm

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Third Time's a Charm 0:07:51 A bullied boy finds the secret to getting even.

Spin The Bottle 0:06:52 Liv brings her new boyfriend to meet her friends as they play an innocent game of "Spin The Bottle."

Meadows of Aite 0:09:07 Washed up artists are collapsing after finding renewed passion in their work as the banished goddess of obsession, Aite, seeks to restore the influence of the old gods and her place among them.

The Concert 0:07:34 Farrah and Lisa hang out in Angie’s basement, waiting on her dad to give them a ride to their first big rock concert. Safe in their warm, wood paneled hang-out, they talk about boys and even rehearse their own fledging metal band – The Giant Feminist Electric Mares! But their fun and excitement is cut short. They face what so many women face. And they face it together. A realistic coming of age story that pulls no punches told from the girl’s point of view.

ConspiraTOURS 0:08:00 A fiery and wildly misled investigative journalist is determined to uncover one of the greatest mysteries of the universe, the Freemasons.

Stringout 0:10:55 While hanging out with a friend for lunch, a man encounters several strange occurrences. As things unfold, we soon discover he is a character in a badly made film by a self indulgent and narcissistic director.

NOVA 0:09:52 After mysteriously vanishing in space, a young astronaut suddenly reemerges twenty years later to find the world and his wife have moved on.

Everyone Will Die 0:06:26 Two secret agents encountered an Anti-Christ demon baby that could potentially obliterate the world. After various failed attempts to exterminate the baby, they had to decide whether or not everyone is worth saving at the end.

Over the Influence 0:06:39 In a world where follows, filters and likes reign supreme, one young woman dreams of something more.

Next Wednesday 0:11:17 ‘Next Wednesday’ is a story set in the year 1941. The viewer witnesses the interactions of a couple’s regular Wednesday-afternoon amorous meeting in a Berlin hotel room. In many ways the meeting is an arrangement of mutual benefits, however undertones of their emotional connection become evident during the afternoon. The film grants a quick exploration into the trauma yet hopefulness of two people. However, the reality of this unkind time in history functions as an antagonist to future plans. The story ends with unexpected disclosures as the couple departs.

Chameleon Kid 0:04:25 In this silent film, a whimsical master of disguise embarks on a journey of self-discovery when color arrives in his black and white world.

The Body 0:06:37 When a friend calls in the middle of the night, anybody would worry about the reason. Hesitant and curious, a friend embarks on a journey with an unknown destination. His only clues being a shovel in back seat and the stoic expression worn in the driver’s face.

CAPTIVE 0:04:27 A man awakes to find himself captive, bound and tied in a dark and creepy room with a mission to escape.

Deep Awakening 0:08:03 Across the country, video calls are interrupted when hackers break into a widely used chat application and broadcast a message using AI to all users that will change their lives forever.

Friday April 26, 2024 10:00am - 12:15pm EDT
AMC Sundial 12 Theatre #3