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Friday, April 26 • 12:30pm - 2:15pm

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Aero Orange 0:11:00 Captain H’Orange leads a reconnaissance mission over hostile coordinates with his fruit aeronauts when suddenly he and his team come under fire and their newest member; Airman Apple is taken hostage by the evil General Onion.

FLITE 0:14:00 Breaking free is a leap of faith In the semi submerged London of 2053, the reigning hoverboard world champion finds herself imprisoned in a luxury high-rise apartment by her controlling manager. The kindness of a stranger allows her to take flight in a daring and precarious escape - but all does not go as planned. Can bleeding-edge new memory extraction technology help save her from certain death? *****Most of FLITE is animated. The live action used was only to film the actor’s faces in some shots, then the Director put those live action faces onto the computer generated digital humans. The opening sequence (in the memory investigators suite) was shot live action - everything else is animation.*****

The Surgeon 0:05:31 A determined arborist makes a Christmas Eve house call.

Aftermath 0:07:30 Aftermath is about Ash, a now lonely mutated creature, who finds a purpose in his new life when he comes across a blind cat. Finding this new purpose, he does all that he can to protect his new companion against the other mutant horrors.

Mr. Rabbit 0:21:36 Don't believe in yourself Mr. Rabbit, believe in Science!

Case Notes 0:03:51 Labeled at young age by a system quick to write off people of color, Tony hopes to spare others the unnecessary obstacles he faced. An animated short about the power that narrative holds to oppress or liberate.

TutuTango 0:07:00 "TutuTango: A Cinematic Encounter Across Continents in 4 Acts" Enter the spellbinding world of "TutuTango," an enchanting film that explores the profound psychology behind an extraordinary encounter between a ballet dancer and a tango dancer. This captivating documentary takes you on a visual journey through the raw and emotive essence of human connection. The film unfolds in four acts: Act I: "I See You" - Witness the moment of initial recognition, where two worlds collide through the lens of the camera. Experience the sparks of curiosity and anticipation as the dancers connect across continents, bound only by their shared art. Act II: "I Prepare for You" - Immerse yourself in the transformation as the dancers prepare their bodies and minds for the encounter. Feel the dedication, discipline, and passion that drive them toward perfection. Act III: "I Feel You" - Dive into the electric intensity of the encounter itself. Explore the fusion of ballet's grace and tango's sensuality as the dancers reach across oceans to connect on a profound level. Act IV: "I Miss You" - Experience the bittersweet ache of separation as the dancers part ways, their connection immortalized in each frame. This act delves into the longing and nostalgia that follow, with the tantalizing possibility of future collaboration. Beyond the breathtaking visuals, "TutuTango" offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the intricate psychological and photographic processes that brought this extraordinary project to life. Learn how two different filmmakers, separated by the Atlantic, united their work to create this documentary. This film is a celebration of the universal language of dance, the power of human connection, and the artistry of filmmaking. "TutuTango" is a testament to the boundless possibilities of creativity and collaboration, proving that the beauty of human encounters knows no geographical boundaries.

BayouTech 0:11:06 In a world now devoid of humans, artificial intelligence has taken over. Journey into the bayou, where a former service android learns to make her own way, re-contextualizing the world around her, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Will she be able to overcome her initial programming? Will she learn to succeed where humans had failed? Join her and her friends and they cobble together a new world where love conquers fear, and magic abounds.

Friday April 26, 2024 12:30pm - 2:15pm EDT
AMC Sundial 12 Theatre #3

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