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Saturday, April 27 • 1:45pm - 3:45pm

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The Naming of the Things 0:10:00 A product of Jewish day schools and way too much education, Ike finds himself adrift after the sudden death of his wife. As Ike navigates his wife’s shiva, he struggles to find meaning in the world around him, the Jew inside him, and the community trying to feed him bagels. Can religion help right our world after it has been upended by death?

Venus 0:10:00 A young female artist unravels the beautiful facade that painted over her lover's abuse.

In Their Skin 0:06:58 A Hispanic man's dream of a successful career is challenged during a job interview.

TAPIOCA 0:13:17 An over-the-top dark comedy following two polar-opposite elderly men and the extreme lengths they go to in order to protect the only thing they have in common: a mutual love for pudding.

Fervor 0:10:08 In the unforgiving embrace of a desolate desert, a resolute young Latina faces off against her relentless foe. As the layers of her tumultuous past are unveiled, the narrative takes us deep into the lives of two brothers in a secluded village, weaving a tapestry of destiny, survival, and the haunting echoes of violence. With each revelation, tensions surge, and Fernanda's enigmatic mission becomes a palpable force, leaving both characters and viewers grappling with the harsh realities of their circumstances.

Why Dogs Howl 0:04:51 After meeting online, a BOY and GIRL are out on their first date. It rapidly devolves into the BOY vomiting out his life in a Howl that ultimately encompasses the entire universe.

Screwjob 0:08:50 On the night before she is set to be crowned World Champion, a talented but injury cursed pro wrestler finds out that plans have changed and that she will be forced to lose the match, or will be fired from the company. CASSEY is a seasoned professional wrestler who fought to get out of her working class town and inspire the next generation that hard work and determination can accomplish anything. She’s the best performer in her company so deserves to be World Champion but in pro wrestling, unlike boxing or MMA, the match outcomes are fixed by the ‘Booker’.

The Interpreter 0:13:16 Belma is a Turkish interpreter for the NHS. She translates for patients who don't speak English. As she waits to attend her next interpretation session, she listens to the voice note from her partner whom she recently kicked out of the house. He agrees to leave. Then she attends a psychiatric evaluation for schizophrenic patient Kamelya and psychiatrist Dr Aashvi. Kamelya is in love with another patient, whom she delusionally believes to be her husband. Her love is so intense that she becomes jealous of Dr Aashvi, blaming her for attempting to steal him from her. Kamelya loses control, upon which Dr Aashvi runs out and leaves Belma alone in the room with the patient. Nurses constrain Kamelya and Belma has a panic attack. Belma realizes she is late for her next appointment so she runs off. Her next clients are Ahmet and his dying wife Melahat. Dr Kofi must deliver the news that Melahat hasn't got much time to live to Ahmet and Belma must interpret. Unexpectedly, before she gets to deliver the news, Melahat wakes up and starts to talk for the first time in ages. After Belma delivers the news, Ahmet wants to speak with Dr Kofi. But overworked and tired Dr Kofi has 5 other patients in palliative care and rushes off. Ahmet holds his beloved wife's hands and Belma sees true love once again. She leaves the hospital and sends a voice note to her partner, asking him not to go.

Outcast Forest 0:13:00

Trevor Hurt Someone 0:11:51 Straight male best friends Sean and Trevor deliberate the events of the preceding night, when Trevor sexually assaulted Sean, at the bar where it happened.

Saturday April 27, 2024 1:45pm - 3:45pm EDT
AMC Sundial 12 Theatre #4 151 2nd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA

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