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Sunday, April 28 • 11:00am - 1:15pm

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Thoughts on a Byway 0:07:40 A moment in the life of Bessie Stringfield, a black female motorcyclist who criss-crossed the US many times during the Jim Crow era, sleeping on the back of her bike when she wasn't allowed a room to sleep in due to her skin color.

Safe Place 0:05:58 Ellie is neurodiverse and also struggles with mental health. Her childhood friend, Noah, is autistic. They have always been there for each other. But on this day, a new kind of relationship blooms. Safe Place original song written and performed by Jennifer Msumba and Amber Patiño. Extra info related to the cast and crew with disabilities: Amber Patiño, Nik Sanchez, Scott Klumb, Jennifer Msumba, and Antonio Aponte are all adults on the autism spectrum.

Guilt! 0:09:33 A man is haunted by his actions after a night of drinking, he's plagued by guilt and memory of a fateful encounter that threatens to consume him.

Lemonade 0:15:02 When detective Riley finds Becker at a diner, a criminal she has been tracking, she begins interrogating him. A game of cat and mouse ensues as other patrons in the diner look on. When things get heated the interrogation takes an unexpected turn that shocks everyone...including themselves.

Diversion 0:09:49 When Grace is given a box on her 30th birthday telling her how much time she has left to live, she is shocked to find out that she only has a few hours left. She decides to make the most of them with her sister, not knowing Maddy has her own plan to control fate.

Flag Act 0:09:55 Free-spirited Simone gets a surprise knock at her door one evening. Turns out she has run afoul of the F.L.A.G. Act, a new (fictional … really) law that prohibits the flying of “provocative” flags. Simone coolly defends her right to free speech, including the flying of a rainbow flag. The porch-side conflict escalates beyond annoyance to absurdity, with Simone’s sass remaining intact to the end.

Hello Stella 0:15:36 After learning that he has a child on the way, an amateur hitman has to leave behind the criminal world before it destroys his family life.

Matters of the Mind 0:10:03 A young man with OCD and anxiety struggles to get through an afternoon, but then a friend steps in to help.

The Last Stage 0:22:25 Finding herself in therapy, Alex works through the loss of her late boyfriend Logan and learns how to move past her unresolved guilt. Through her love for dance, she navigates the last stage of grief: acceptance.

Monitored 0:04:59 When a babysitter finds herself under domestic surveillance, she decides to give her employers a good reason to keep an eye on her.

Brothers 0:05:53 Two brothers have a very different response to shared grief.

What Once Was 0:03:26 Silence reigns and evil rules. In the middle of the forest, the witch prepares her tea. For virtue is a disease, and she is the cure. But something approaches in the depths of the woods, and she is terrified of it.

Sunday April 28, 2024 11:00am - 1:15pm EDT
AMC Sundial 12 Theatre #1