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Sunday, April 28 • 1:15pm - 3:00pm

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Making Room 0:12:35 

I Just Wanted You to See 0:20:00 A grieving mother kidnaps a group of teenagers to find out who killed her son

Father Figures 0:14:00 Harold tragically lost his son years ago in a horrible accident. Unable to cope with the pain, he has taken on a life of pretend, spending the intervening years working as a father-for-hire for young men, standing in for their deceased dads at major life events and family functions. While struggling to help guide these lost souls he is forced to confront his own internal deception, and ultimately, come to terms with the loss he has experienced if he is ever to help his clients move on. Shot entirely in the state of Maine.

The Tower 0:08:57 Lucy receives an ominous tarot card reading that sends her running. She realizes she's being followed, but no matter where she goes, the elusive figure is already there waiting.

NO TELL! 0:13:36 A jaded crime boss, looking to cash in his chips before his luck runs out, orders one final hit from his best killers - each other. Only then can he put the crime world behind him - without having to look over his shoulder. But what price can buy loyalty?

Brother's Keeper 0:18:32 Kori's bold proposition to sell the cherished family farm ignites a tumultuous family drama. Joel, the older brother, vehemently opposes the idea, determined to hold onto the land that holds a lifetime of memories. As the fate of the farm hangs in the balance, Joel's visions intensify, blurring the line between reality and delusion. In a shocking turn of events, Kori takes matters into his own hands, secretly arranging a meeting with a potential buyer, the enigmatic Mr. Graham. Desperate to save the farm and salvage his fractured family bonds, Joel takes a turn of his own. Will the bonds of brotherhood prevail, or will the family farm become a casualty of Joel's unraveling sanity?

BLOODY FURY 0:23:05 In the Far West, the fur trade is raging! Bloody Furry, one of the last red wolves, decides to avenge his exterminated family. But is revenge the best solution to find the way to redemption?

Sunday April 28, 2024 1:15pm - 3:00pm EDT
AMC Sundial 12 Theatre #3